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Fraternalist of the Year and Youth of the Year

Every year, FCLSA receives many exemplary nominations from our members, branches, and districts for the Fraternalist of the Year and Youth of the Year awards. These nominees go above and beyond for FCSLA and their communities, so choosing only one person to honor for each award is a difficult task.

FCSLA is pleased to announce the 2020 Youth of the Year honoree, Lilian Marie Lyons (J011, St. Louis MO).

FCSLA is pleased to recognize the members below as Fraternalist of the Year and Youth of the Year.

Previous Winners:

Join Hands Day

Join Hands Day is a national event that unites young people and adults in an effort to make their neighborhoods better.

Branches Giving Back

Branch Officers and members are volunteering their time and hard work to make a difference in the community. Each effort put forth by the branches—whether it's volunteering time or a money contribution—benefits the entire community as a whole.

Community Support

Since its inception, FCSLA has contributed regularly to Slovak educational and religious institutions. Today, the First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association's philanthropic activities are known worldwide.

Vatican Splendors

The First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association has partnered with WEWS–News Channel 5 in Cleveland, Ohio to be a proud sponsor of a special exhibit, the Vatican Splendors, at the Western Reserve Historical Society. This exhibit is the largest collection of art, documents and historically significant objects from the Vatican—some of the world’s greatest treasures. Cleveland is one of three cities to be chosen to host the Vatican Splendors, which showcases 2,000 years of Vatican history.

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