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AM Best

2017 Photo Contest Winners

Full size images of the winning entries listed below can be seen in our photo gallery.


  • 1st Place (tie) - "Seattle Whale Watching"
    In the San Juan Islands off the coast of Seattle, WA
    Branch S-522 Mark Summers, Hinckley, OH
  • 1st Place (tie) - "Crabby Day"
    At the Galapagos Islands
    Branch S-590 Judith Figura, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2nd Place - "Leopard"
    A t the Pittsburgh, PA Zoo
    Branch S-011 Nicole Csider, Munhall, PA
  • 3rd Place - "Thursday"
    Found a baby toad while cutting grass and named him/her "Thursday" (photo was taken on Thursday 8/10/17)
    Branch S-319 Chris Harvilla, Palermton, PA
  • Honorable Mention (tie) - "Hello Oliver"
    Our neighbors' dogs enjoy coming over to our house to visit - they pose nice for photos.
    Branch S-023 Cassandra Muffler, Oconomowoc, WI
  • Honorable Mention (tie) - "Samoa sitting on the hood of my car"
    Jumped on the hood of my car after I got in. Baby it's cold out here!
    Branch S-141 Donna Connolly, Flowery Branch, GA


  • 1st Place - "Spring at Joan of Arc"
    Built in 1420 in France, brought to the USA in the 1920's and then to Milwaukee, WI in 1966
    Branch S-023 Laurie Muffler, Oconomowoc, WI
  • 2nd Place - "Into the City of Blue"
    Morocco: The city of Chefchaouen is known for its gorgeous blue architecture.
    Branch S-001 Charlene Westfall, Aurora, OH
  • 3rd Place - "Gateway to Mercy"
    Eastern State Penitentiary (closed in the 1970's) - the gate of the main entrance of the hospital ward.
    Branch S-140 Rachel Kostival, Reading, PA
  • Honorable Mention (Tie) - "Circle of Fun"
    Cedar Point Amusement Park, Sandusky, OH    
    Branch S-524 Amy Dreger, Avon, OH
  • Honorable Mention (Tie) - "House Tops"
    Looking over the city of Barcelona, Spain
    Branch S-011 Cyrilla Bakey, Homestead, PA

Miscellaneous Nature

  • 1st Place (tie) - "Ghost Ship"
    Early one morning on the Current River, a spider was busy spinning an amazing web.
    Branch S-101 Margaret Lyons, St. Louis, MO
  • 1st Place (tie) - "Reflection"
    Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Bristol, ME
    Branch S-011 Ann Csider, Munhall, PA
  • 2nd Place (tie) - "Bouy with a View"
    Juneau, Alaska - Sea Lions resting on a bouy, in the background Mendenhall Glacier part of the Tongass National Forest
    Branch S-013 John F. Lipchick, Jr., Plum, PA
  • 2nd Place (tie)- "The Storm before the Calm"
    A summer thunderstorm fast approaching over the Mississippi River towards the Bluffs of Alton, IL  
    Branch S-287 Rosa Knizer, Alton, IL
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "Just Hanging Around"
    This little tree frog has been yard in Youngstown, OH, "just hanging around" for the cover and food.  
    Branch S -344 Rick Maro, Youngstown, OH
  • 3rd Place(tie) - "Portland Lighthouse"
    Portland, ME
    Branch S -011 Tim Csider, Munhall, PA
  • Honorable Mention - "God's Paint Brush"
    Victor, CO
    Branch S-633 Ron Scribner, Omaha, NE

Lakes / Mountains / Waterfalls

  • 1st Place (tie) - "Majestic Rainier"
    Mt. Rainier overlooking the city of Seattle, WA.
    Branch S-081 Linda Vargo, Whiting, IN
  • 1st Place (tie) - "Bryce Canyon"
    This photo was taken while hiking the Navajo Trail at the bottom of Bryce Canyon, UT
    Branch W-001 Luke Siskoff, Shakopee, MN
  • 2nd Place - "Mount Rainier"
    Branch S-522 Virginia Summers, Hinckley, OH
  • 3rd Place - "Seaside Serenity"
    Pawleys Island, SC - the best escape anyone can have.
    Branch S-038 Brianna Guth, Easton, PA
  • Honorable Mention (tie) - "On Jordan's Bank"
    Acadia National Park, ME
    Branch S-011 Sarah Csider, Munhall, PA
  • Honorable Mention (tie) - "Beautiful Day in Cleveland"
    On the shores of Lake Erie.
    Branch SZJO - Susan Chlysta, Ravenna, OH

Flower / Leaves / Trees

  • 1st Place (tie) - "Pretty Pond"
    My friend's mom has a pond in her backyard in Salem, OH and it is filled with waterlilies
    Branch S-169 Kathleen Bach, Youngstown, OH
  • 1st Place (tie) - "Sunflower Patch"
    I was riding my bike around the Mill creek Metro Park Farm, Canfield, OH and came across this patch of sunflowers!
    Branch S-030 Margaret Proch, Canfield, OH
  • 2nd Place - "We Are All Family & Happy"
    Bryson City Exit off US 19 South
    Branch SZJO - Michael Palof, Sylva, NC
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "January Adventures"
    Three snow glistened tree in my backyard.
    Branch SZJO - Juila Stranges, Wheatfield, NY
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "The Wonder of Growing"
    Sapling tree planted in 1983 ibn our front yard of our home when we had our first son.
    Branch S-065 Kathleen Capristo, Henderson, NV
  • Honorable Mention - "Lego Butterfly Garden"
    Nature Connects® Art with Lego bricks displayed at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.
    Branch S-524 Mary Pike, Avon, OH

Skies / Sunsets / Tropical

  • 1st Place - "Sunset Catalina Island"
    Sunset over Catalina Island Harbor - CA
    Branch S-044 Susan Lucia, Mt. Pleasant, PA
  • 2nd Place - "Emblazon Bovine"
    Our cow eating a corn stalk during a sunset in Hartington, NE
    Branch W-014 Chad Lammers, Harrington, NE
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "Tropical Paradise"
    Magnificent sunset on Sanibel Island, FL
    Branch S-141 Rose Marie Krulac, Solon, OH
  • 3rd Place (tie) - "Sunset on the Bay"
    Having dinner on the bay when the most beautiful sunset appeared - Ocean City, MD
    Branch S-319 Mary Jo Zima, Downington, PA
  • Honorable Mention - "Before the Storm"
    Watching the storm coming while driving to Iron Pigs (AAA) baseball game -had a 2 hour rain delay
    Branch S-319 Nancy Mazurek-Harvilla, Palmerton, PA

Overall Best Photo

  • "Paying Respect to Great Grandpa" - We went to the cemetery to put flowers on Great Uncle and Great Grandparent's graves. My grandson rested his head on my mom and dad's headstone.
    Branch S-101  Jeanette Venker, St Louis, MO

See photos of the winning entries.

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