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FCSLA 2017 Youth Fraternalist of the Year:
Meghan McKeogh

Meghan McKeoghMeghan McKeogh has taken part in every Matching Funds project branches J-483 and S-555 have done in this past year, of which there are four:

  1. The branch did a reception and poinsettia sale to benefit the Lyceum Catholic School. The reception and sale was after the Lyceum Choir's Advent Lessons and Carols. Megan helped bake kolachke and nut rolls for the reception and helped at the reception aftr singing with the choir.
  2. The branch worked a concessions stand at a softball tournament to benefit Stay in Softball. Meghan worked the stand and got other volunteers to work also.
  3. The branch held a bat raffle and raffle for other prizes at an Akron Racers professional softball game. Megan contacted the Racers to set up the event and ran the table and called businesses asking them to donate items to the raffle. The money went to benefit inner city softball teams and CYO.
  4. The branch did an Advent soup supper to benefit the Lyceum Catholic School. Meghan worked at the supper serving soup.

Meghan started a charity called Stay in Softball. The Charity helps inner city and low income girls participate in softball. The charity sponsors inner city school teams and helps buy needed equipment for the team. The charity holds used equipment drives throughout the year to collect used equipment to donate to low income girls and teams. Meghan has worked at 8 used equipment drives this year.

The charity also puts on free clinics to teach the inner city girls how to play softball. Meghan organizes all of the clinics and finds instructors to donate their time. She also finds players to help the instructors at the Clinics. Meghan has organized and volunteered at 10 clinics last year. The charity also helps players who have undergone a tragedy or family crisis. They helped a player with brain cancer, a player who had her arm amputated and was learning how to play with one arm, and two players whose parent had cancer. Meghan coordinates and participates in all of the fundraisers the charity does and writes letters and makes phone calls looking for donors and volunteers.

Meghan is involved at the Pro Life group at the Lyceum. She has prayed outside of Planned Parenthood on several occasions and assisted with a collection for Zacharia House.

Meghan is part of the Lyceum choir. The choir donates its time by singing sacred music at many events including Bringing America Back to Life, a Mass for the Catholic Medical Association, Masses for the installation of a local Byzantine Bishop and a Mass on Mother Angelica's anniversary of her death.

Meghan also serves as an alter server for St Joan of Arc Church.

Meghan is a good candidate for his award because she spends so much of her free time doing things for other people. She showed great leadership starting her own charity and puts countless hours toward it. She does all these activities while also playing sports, keeping a 3.9 grade point average and participating in other activities. She sets a good example to her peers as she is respectful, modest, a hard worker and is not shy to talk about or defend her Faith.

Congrats, Meghan, on being named FCSLA 2017 Youth of the Year!

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