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Five $1,250 Vocational/Trade/Technical School Scholarships Are Now Available

The deadline for this scholarship category has been extended to Monday, April 1, 2019.

First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association is pleased to announce a new scholarship opportunity in 2019. Vocational, trade and technical school scholarships are now available for the 2019 scholarship program.

The Vocational/Trade/Technical Scholarship is intended to help members planning to attend a vocational school, trade school, community college or other short-term training program in fields such as automotive technology, plumbing, heating, construction, welding, advanced manufacturing, cosmetology, and computer repair, as well as other fields. Download the application (PDF) to learn more about the scholarship.

Winners will be notified in May. If you have questions, call us at (800) 464-4642 ext. 1054 or email

Annual Scholarship Program



FCSLA Annual Scholarship ProgramThe First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association (FCSLA) is pleased to announce its 2019-2020 scholarship program. More than $268,500 will be awarded to young members of the Association. Winners are chosen by a committee of impartial judges from the educational field, based on the following criteria:

  • Academic Standing - 40%
  • Church / Community Service Value - 30%
  • School Involvement / Essay - 30%

Eligibility: An eligible candidate shall be a member of good standing with the Association for at least three years prior to date of application and hold one of the following policies in his or her own name: a $1,000 minimum permanent life insurance certificate; a $5,000 minimum term certificate; or an annuity certificate (minimum amount is not required). Such membership standing shall be verified from the records of the Home Office.

Applicants are eligible to win once in each of the 5 categories: Early elementary school (grades 1-4); older elementary school (grades 5-8); high school; college; and as a graduate student.

The Award must be used toward tuition for the 2019-2020 academic year. If the recipient receives full tuition funding from a governmental or other source, she/he will not be eligible to receive an FCSLA Award.

Deadline: All applications and supporting paperwork must be received by the Home Office no later than 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 26, 2019. Applications received after this date will not be considered. Materials submitted in support of the application will not be returned.  Electronic copies (preferably PDF file) and faxed copies of application and supporting materials will be accepted.


Attention Former Polish Union of USA Members

The 2019 Fall / 2020 Spring Scholarship Application and Guidelines are now available for download (PDF).

This separate scholarship program is only available to former Polish Union members who are now part of the FCSLA family.

Contact the FCSLA Scholarship Department at or call (800) 464-4642 ext. 1054 if you have questions.


For more information, read our Scholarship FAQ.



College Scholarship Application (263K PDF) and Graduate Scholarship Application (263K PDF)


59 freshmen awards @ $1,250 each $73,750.00
28 sophomore awards @ $1,250 each $35,000.00
17 junior awards @ $1,250 each $21,250.00
17 senior awards @ $1,250 each $21,250.00
19 full time graduate awards @ $1,750 each $33,250.00
140 awards totaling $184,500.00


High School Scholarship Application (184K PDF)


9 freshmen awards @ $1,000 each $9,000.00
9 sophomore awards @ $1,000 each $9,000.00
9 junior awards @ $1,000 each $9,000.00
9 senior awards @ $1,000 each $9,000.00
36 awards totaling $36,000.00


Elementary School Scholarship Application (184K PDF)


8 awards for grade 5 @ $750 each $6,000.00
8 awards for grade 6 @ $750 each $6,000.00
8 awards for grade 7 @ $750 each $6,000.00
8 awards for grade 8 @ $750 each $6,000.00
32 awards totaling $24,000.00


Early Elementary School Scholarship Application (182K PDF)


8 awards for grade 1 @ $750 each $6,000.00
8 awards for grade 2 @ $750 each $6,000.00
8 awards for grade 3 @ $750 each $6,000.00
8 awards for grade 4 @ $750 each $6,000.00
32 awards totaling $24,000.00


Seminary or Diaconate or Religious Life Application (261K PDF)

Any member preparing for the Catholic priesthood (seminarian) at the graduate level may be eligible to receive a scholarship for two academic years if approved and necessary paperwork is complete.

Any member preparing for a Catholic diaconate or Catholic religious life is eligible to receive a scholarship at the graduate level for two academic years if approved and the necessary paperwork is complete.

State Fraternal Alliances

Some State Fraternal Alliances offer scholarships for high school or college. Most can be found on the state fraternal's websites (if they have one). If you need assistance finding these, please contact our Fraternal and Youth Director.

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