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Cultural Commitment

The First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association (FCSLA) views cultural commitment as fundamental to its mission. "To cultivate the Slovak language and customs and to preserve them for future generations" is one of our corporate objectives outlined in our Constitution and Bylaws.* We endeavor to fulfill this commitment by promoting those activities that further our Slavic heritage and culture.

FCSLA is proud to endorse The Slovak School for Children. This opportunity, developed and presented by a group of dedicated individuals, meets our corporate criteria. For more information about enrollment, class schedules, curriculum and course materials, please visit the school's website at

If you have an idea regarding how to cultivate and preserve the Slavic culture in your area, and have a group of individuals who are willing to ambitiously pursue the development and delivery of this idea, please contact the National Office. We are eager to discuss your plans and ideas with you.


For applications or for further information, please call Mary Ann Dzurec at (440) 930-2197 or visit the Slovak School Web site at

* Constitution and Bylaws of the First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association of the United States of America, ARTICLE II: objective D.

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