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FCSLA is Growing

Our Fraternal & Youth Director, Sue Ann M. Seich has been working with many of our General Agents and Sales Representatives to open new senior (S) and junior (J) branches. It takes 10 new senior members to open a senior branch and 15 new junior members to open a junior branch. In the 47 states where we are licensed to do business including DC. There are still many areas where we do not have a local branch. Recently new branches have been formed in several new areas. For the next few months, we will feature our new FCSLA branches and their officers.

On November 16, 2009, a new senior branch S-620 was officially initiated in Demotte, IN. An informal luncheon at All Saints Parish in Hammond, IN was held on November 4th, 2009, where officers were nominated and elected. A meeting then took place after the luncheon with the newly elected officers and potential branch members. Currently there are 7 officers serving this branch. Kelly Hedegore is President and Beth Bach is Secretary. This new branch of only 9 months, has successfully promoted and completed a Matching Funds Project recently.

On July 25th, 2010, a new junior branch J-531 was officially initiated to partner with senior branch S-620 in Demotte, IN. An informal dinner was held at the American Slovak Club in Whiting, IN. for new and potential members of Junior Branch J-531 and their families. Other guests included the members and their families from Senior Branch S-620. The officers elected were: President, Debie Rossodivito; Secretary, Beth Bach; and Fraternal Activities Director, Vincent Rossodivito. Branch Manuals were handed out and information was shared. Two guests spoke on several ways the new junior and/or senior branch could become involved in the community.

The opening of these new branches can be credited to General Agent, Edward Bach. Through his hard work and determination the required number of new members for each of these new branches was sold. We sincerely thank Ed for his continued efforts to promote our FCSLA Association and the fraternal benefit system.





As FCSLA continues to grow there will be more communities that can benefit from an FCSLA branch. If you are interested in starting an FCSLA branch in your area or have questions, please contact our Fraternal & Youth Director, Sue Ann M. Seich, at 800-464-4642, Ext. 1051 or email

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