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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics of the Fraternal Insurance Counselor


As a fraternal life underwriter, I will maintain the utmost professional standards toward my client and, at the same time, maintain a position of trust and loyalty to my Society. I will maintain the highest ethical balance between these two obligations.

I believe it to be my responsibility:

  • to hold the life insurance profession in high esteem and to constantly strive to advance the prestige of legal reserve Fraternal Life Insurance,
  • to develop my ability and improve my knowledge through regular study, and to encourage other underwriters to do likewise,
  • to respect my client's confidence and to hold in trust any personal information,
  • to present accurately and completely all of the facts essential to my client's decision and to always place his best interests and welfare above any personal consideration,
  • to refuse any person or persons any part of my commissions or earnings as an inducement to purchase any life insurance,
  • to submit complete and accurate applications for membership and insurance on only those persons whom I believe to have the proper moral and medical requirements that conform with my Society's underwriting rules, and
  • to cooperate with my fellow associates in all insurance organizations in furthering the best interests of the Institution of Life Insurance.

As a Fraternal Insurance Counselor, I pledge myself to uphold and maintain these principles and responsibilities.

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