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Fraternalist of the Year and Youth of the Year Nominations
Due Tuesday, September 1, 2020

2019 Photo Contest Winners
By: Kelly Shedlock

Our 5th Annual Photo Contest was a huge success! The photos just kept coming in and they were all amazing!!!! I wish I could give everyone a grand prize! You make the judging tougher and tougher each year. This year they were judged by an art teacher who is not a member of FCSLA. The only things she is told of the photos are the title and place where the photo was taken. There were several times where she went, "Wow!" There were 133 entries, almost 21 more than last year.

A big thank you to everyone who sent in a photo to make this contest successful and fun! You are all winners in my book. Everyone who sent in a photo received a little gift for participating.

I hope everyone enjoys these wonderful photos of the grand prize winners. God has blessed us with so many wonderful and amazing things in this world—photos do not do them justice, but it sure is fun to look around and try to capture the awesome visions we see through our camera lenses.

You can see the grand prize winning photos with a more detailed description on our website and Facebook Page.

Start looking for unique photo opportunities for the 2020 contest. Congratulations to all the winners!

2019 Art Contest Winners

The theme for the 2019 FCLSA Annual Art Contest was "1. If you were a Princess or Prince what would your castle look like? and 2. What would you name your castle?" Once again our amazing FCLSA artists did not disappoint! I received 91 entries! Thank you to all the parents for encouraging your children to enter the contest. They were all incredibly creative! It was hard for my judge—a teacher—to choose the grand prize winners. She kept saying this is really hard. They are all so good. It took a while, but she finally picked the winners! Congratulations to all! As far as I am concerned you are all winners! Everyone who entered received a gift! The grand prize winners will be published in the October issue of Fraternally Yours, and all the entries are also on our Facebook page. I just had to share all of them. They all put so much effort into their drawings—they deserve to be seen! Even though I have a couple of ideas for next year, if you have any suggestions, send me an email. Congratulations again! I look forward to next year's contest!

Matching Funds Program

The FCSLA Matching Funds program is a way for branches to get involved in the community to raise money for charitable and benevolent causes. The projects should be a branch sponsored activity and should invite all area members to participate in the activity. Below are the guidelines and forms you'll need for the program.

View completed Matching Funds projects.

FCSLA is Expanding!

View past articles about FCSLA's growth and new branch openings.

Fraternalist of the Year Award

Anna M. HudockAnna M. Hudak of branch S-172 Wilkes-Barre, PA, is the Treasurer of the Magdalen I. Iskra District. She never misses a Branch or District meeting and provides very detailed treasurers' report. She is a retired school teacher and continues to aid and assist in promoting and encouraging our junior branch members with their education. Her articles that are submitted to our Fraternally Yours monthly publication reveal her passion and dedication to FCSLA and our members. Learn more about Anna.

Each year, branches are asked to review their membership for deserving candidates, and consider a nominee. We are gratified to receive so many nominees who are very wonderful and worthy Fraternalists.

Meet our previous Fraternalist of the Year winners:

Youth Fraternalist of the Year

Youth Fraternalist of the YearWe are proud to announce that Frances A. Miklovic of Branch J-011 has been named the FCSLA 2018 Youth Fraternalist of the Year.

Frances is a genuine, polite, energetic and kindhearted soul. Frances has made meaningful contributions in not only her personal life with family and friends but also for her school and surrounding communities / religious agencies. Learn more about Frances.

This year we are once again asking for your assistance in recognizing a young individual for his/her volunteer activities. In all our branches there are individuals who stand out in a crowd because of their achievements. This is your opportunity to nominate an outstanding young member from your Senior or Junior Branch.

Meet our previous Youth Fraternalist of the Year winners:

Fraternal Activities Archives

Learn about some of our previous Fraternal Activities.

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